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The South Wind 

Jed Marum is a uniquely talented artist. Over the last decade Jed has teamed up with Boston Road Records, Lone Chimney Films and other performance artists to present projects focusing on American History, in particular the period of the War Bewteen the States, aka, the American Civil War.

An all acoustic presentation of story and song performed in old-time Celtic and American style Jed's newest album, The South Wind delivers songs that are original and traditional. Focused on the stories from War Between the States and the people who lived it, this album delivers a powerful and reverent South Positive message. Jed brings those same powerful stories and songs to the stage in live performances around the country, as well. 

For the 2014 released film, The Road to Valhalla, by Lone Chimney Films, Jed produced the soundtrack and composed the film's original music. The movie which will play on PBS and in independent theaters around the US, features Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke, Tombstone many many others) and Michael Martin Murphey (Wildfire, Carolina in the Pines, and many other cowboy country hits). 

Boston Road Records Present:

The  South Wind  

Lone Chimney Films presents:

The Road to Valhalla

Live Performance in Ireland - CSS Shenandoah

Louisiana and the US Civil War Video

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